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Even the most oppressed of the Imperium, even the most disadvantaged hive dweller, even the lowest of the low have the freedom to dream of a better way in the Imperium.

The Tau are not even free to imagine any other way of things. There is only the Greater Good and the will of their Ethereal Masters.

(It amuses me how desperate any kind of greyscaling of the Tau is opposed sometimes).
Actually, it depends on the planet in the Imperium. Large swathes of the Imperium have feudal nobility, others have slave classes (lol mutants) who cannot advance at all. Many planets will have you born into a job, regardless of your genetics. On an Agri-World you will be a farmer. That is all. On Cadia, you will be a Guardsman. That is all. Those that aren't are unusual.

The Tau cannot leave their Caste, but can advance within their Caste. An Earth Caste can become a professor, a Fire Caste a General, an Air Caste an Admiral, a Water Caste a Foreign Minister...

Okay, the Ethereals are in charge, but there is more mobility here than in the Imperium.