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    A complement work for Descent of shadows (although it can stand on its own, except for a couple of feats), now for use with the Pathfinder rule system. Please if you have comments, PM me here. Also in PDF format, which may be more up to date and have bonus material

    PF Shadowcaster
    New Paths and Path Masteries
    Epic Destiny (3.5 D&D Material)
    New Monsters (Needs Tome of Battle for the angels)
    Tenebrous cabal Affiliation (Needs Players Handbook 2)
    Dark Angel Ascendant. Tome of Battle / Shadowcaster PrC. An angelic avenger to stand against any evil.
    New Items Comparability with Magic Item Compendium.
    New Feats some of it suited for Epic play
    Soul Keeper. Incarnum / Shadowcasting PrC, protector of death and souls.
    Shadowcaster Archetypes: 3.5's prestige classes as PF archetypes (Includes Nocturmancer, Child of night (re envisioned), Master of Shadow, Descent of shadow's Ebon sage and a "reverse" shadowcaster)
    WIP: Wordcasting Shadowcaster: An attempt to join shadowcasting with Pathfinder's experimental spellcasting system, Words of Power
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    Complete Shadow Magic! for Pathfinder Rules. (Google Docs PDF)
    Newest: Shadowcaster Archetypes
    WIP:Wordcasting Shadowcaster

    Previous games: Life in Hell
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