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    The other mounts keep a good distance between them and the agata.

    The bike waits quietly, lonely, for its master's return.

    The Gryphons have been made to understand by their aerie spirit that they are to help Drake and those with him, carrying them where they need to go, and the agata, obviously, is fine carrying Raziel too and fro, so long as it is appreciated.

    Nodding in agreement with Wing, Masque starts them off, as she knows the destination, and the gryphons get a running start before leaping, somewhat awkwardly, into the air. As they gain height though, the swooping pace of the flight steadies out. If anything, it's more frightening than Drake expected.
    The agata, of course, takes to the sky effortlessly, demonic magic speeding its flight as it zips around the others, showing off their glittering shell.

    The one unencumbered gryphon floats around the edge of the group, keeping a watch for dangerous or edible things in the sky or the ground below, rather than its attention on the air currents.
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