Gaah. This is coming across as way too angry. I generally try to avoid getting stuck into long debates for exactly this reason.

I would (assuming I, as a human being, somehow lived there,) love it if the Tau Empire was a 100% equal-opportunities employers and let me vote for my preferred planetary governor with a seat on the ethereal council. I would probably be annoyed at their tendency to make war on every available front (...even if I really don't see long-term alternatives, given the threat of orkish/nid invasions.) I would probably demand more in the way of public debate and reproductive freedoms, and I would certainly suggest that the caste system would not be a good fit for human beings (though there's no indication it's ever been applied that way.) I would have significant beef with the administration.

But would I, given the opportunity, pack my bags and head off for, say, Armageddon? Or Necromunda? or Holy Terra? Or any of the basketcase fundamentalist slumholes where the vast majority of 40K humans eke out their precarious lives? ...Not a hope in hell.