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    Quote Originally Posted by Lentrax View Post
    Anyways, I was in Texas for military training when they had 'the worst record snowfall' for the last 25 years or so. It was two inches of snow.
    Hahaha man I just burst out laughing. XDD
    We got about two inches just yesterday after it switched from rain to snow.
    Edit: Which reminded me why I hate biking in snow. Shallow fresh snow isn't even too bad, besides being really slippery and making sharp turns impossible, but after people walk on it and it's packed and uneven, just biking through it is hard. And then there are huge puddles in some places because it's just enough above freezing (and they salted the paths, no doubt) that it's melting.

    From my perspective it was hilarious. Schools were canceled. People were panicking rushing into stores for snow shovels, snowblowers, snow chains.

    I passed four accidents on a fifteen minute drive. I walked into the store wearing a tshirt and shorts, because it was still above 50 degrees. The clerk saw me, asked if I was insane, and then asked why I would brave 'this weather' for a copy of a new game.

    I replied, 'Because its december, its still fifty degrees outside, and I am bored. Oh and this is nothing. I'm used to six feet. Minimum."

    Then I laughed, picturing Texas under six fet of snow.
    Oh wow. Their reaction makes it even better. And on a fifty degree day most of that two inches would be gone by the next day, too.
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