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Thread: Lucid Dreaming skill rework (3.5)

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    Default Lucid Dreaming skill rework (3.5)

    I was thinking about the Lucid Dreaming skill from MotP. I had several problems with it .It can't be used to do much in dreams beyond the superficial, it can be used as astoundingly easy assassination, and it forces you into a campaign world where dreaming is actually more like unconsciously Astral Projecting into a specific plane where stuff trends to be a bit odd. So, I asked around, and after I found that no fix existed,I made one myself.This can absolutely be communal thing, so if anybody has ideas for new functions, they are welcome.Lacking that, I'd like critique on my choice of DCs.

    Here goes nothing!
    (I'll edit it into a table when I get to am actual computer)

    Lucid Dreaming (Cha):
    Realize you are dreaming|15 *
    Cause superficial/aesthetic change to dream|15*
    Cause superficial/aesthetic change to dreamer|15*
    Mimic spell effect modifying dream or dreamer|10+(spell level squared)
    If you do not have a high enough score in the relevant casting stat to cast the spell|+(twice difference between your score and minimum)
    If you do not have any levels in a class that can cast the spell|+10[/TABLE]

    *Anybody with at least one rank in this skill and at least a +5 modifier to it can take 10 on this check in situations which normally allow taking 10.

    When one realizes that they are in a dream, they are no longer bound to following along with it as they normally would.

    Attempting to alter another dreamer or their dream against their will requires winning a contested Lucid Dreaming check. The one attempting to not be changed gets a +5 insight bonus to this check in that case.

    Damage taken in a lucid dream manifests on waking as nonlethal damage equal to one-third the amount of lethal damage taken in the dream. Death in a lucid dream manifests as immediate waking, nonlethal damage equal to half the dreamers max HP, and two points of Cha burn (this overwrites the normal effect of taking damage in a lucid dream).

    Taking 10: No in most cases, but see *.
    Use Untrained: Yes, but only for things marked with a *, and for opposing someone else's attempt to change you.
    Synergies: Sense Motive, Bluff
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