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I think the frustration is just as much that I'm feeling like I have to prove everything that doesn't fit exactly with their plans. I have to prove the phone calls I make, the mood effects of all my treatments for the last 5 years, my financial situation...seriously, by the end of this I'm going to be carrying a briefcase full of notes in to every appointment to try to cover every important detail. And that still doesn't cover everything ("You have too many reports of things not working, you need to stop making up symptoms").

At last count, I have dealt with at least 11 different mental health professionals. 6 caused varying sorts of increased problems; at least 3 of those still have long-lasting effects on me. 1 actually did something useful. At what point do I get to decide it's not worth it without being blamed for "not taking care of myself"?!!?
I wish I knew where that line was. From the sounds of it (both now, and from some of your older posts), you're getting a pretty raw deal on this whole thing. I've only dealt with... (counting...) 5 different professionals (not counting co-leaders in the group I go to - 3 of those). 1 (the first, 10+ years ago) was definitively harmful, and was part of creating the emotional numbing that is my primary concern now. 1 was related to my ridiculously picky eating, and went well. 2 have been not-helpful individual, one of whom I'm now working on shifting away from (appointment with someone new is set for Monday).

Based on your comments, it seems like you're capable of identifying when someone isn't helping, which is the first issue. The second, of course, being switching to someone who might be more helpful. Obviously, the second piece is the harder, and this entire paragraph is saying absolutely nothing that isn't ridiculously obvious, so I'll just stop.