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Thread: Terrible subversions/ Parodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scowling Dragon View Post
    Thats why I don't consider most of Wierd alls songs parodies at all.

    Just a way to remove the original crap lyrics and add something funny/ much better to them.

    That isn't satire.

    The word parody gets thrown around way too often in my opinion.
    Then I would characterize your standards of then as being so narrow as to make the art effective non-existent as a meaningful term. Because they largely won't exist. Its a standard too high to remain useful, and at the least well outside the more commonly accepted standards.

    Airplane is a satire of all the disaster movies around the time.
    As Spaceballs to sci-fi, so Airplane! to disaster movies.

    As Spaceballs to Star Wars so Airplane! to Zero Hour!

    I disagree. If a movie is just making most of its jokes unrelated to the source material then its not a very good parody. You can't run an entire movie based only on satire jokes yes, but there is a limit to at which point its just unrelated.
    Surely you can't be serious

    If you are, I think you are missing the deeper point, in that its almost irrelevant whether the jokes are actually about the source material. While there's certainly nothing wrong with it, but parody is also more structural then that.

    Airplane! and its source material... well Airplane! pretty much plagarized the source (because Paramount owned both) and added jokes or made "straight" lines into ones nobody could ever take seriously again. But unless I've missed something (possible) there's nothing overly particular to disaster movies about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leaning on the fourth wall to admit he is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in disguise when the kid disses his games.
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