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    Quote Originally Posted by Soras Teva Gee View Post
    Surely you can't be serious
    He is serious, and don't call him Surely.

    I suppose I should at least try to be relevant here. I agree with Soras. A parody is simply an imitation used for comedic effect. This imitation can be as blatant as taking all the music of the song and rewriting the words (Weird Al), to merely taking some themes and plot elements (Spaceballs). It does not have to have all of it tied in some way to the source material. However there does get to be a point where you spread too far that no one will ever think to compare it to the supposed subject it is parodying. However I do not think either of the two I have stated above reach that point. Everyone who watches Spaceballs knows it's parodying Star Wars, and everyone who listens to Weird Al generally knows he's parodying songs (though I'll admit I often don't know which ones he's parodying, 'cause I don't listen to a lot of modern music)
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