On another thread I complain about an anime with fanservice that imo feels out of place. I was curious to hear other peoples opinions about it. SO lets hear it. Anime, manga, cartoons, tv shows, when do you think fanservice is ok, and when do you think its a terrible idea?

For me, fanservice is ok when it fits the events going on. As an example, in a battle, having boobs bouncing and swaying all over the place, and the occasional panty shot are things that make sense in that context. Jumping around and fighting makes body parts move. But when you have a serious drama moment going on, a discussion, or an argument, having the actress or drawn character constantly bouncing on her heels to cause jiggle or other more drastic types of service, destroys the mood, and ruins the entire scene.

Some anime and manga are done specifically for T&A, its basically the entire point of the work. So in those conditions anything goes pretty much. But when im reading say, an xmen comic, and psylocke is busy showing off some deranged combo of massive cleavage, atomic wedgie with her spandex AND a near camel toe all in one frame, its so obviously done as nothing more than fanservice that it just breaks immersion to me. Or when any of the girls are wearing a dress for whatever reason, and its pretty clear that with the amount of fabric and where its placed, several laws of physics are being broken to make it stay on their body, once again, its too much when its being done in an actual story. But on the other hand, those swimsuit calendar issues I have no problem with, because thats specifically what they are all about, sexy ladies in sexy outfits.

So, all that rambling done, what do you guys and gals think? Is there a time when fanservice gets in the way or is inappropriate? Or is it pretty much always, "Boobies/Beefcake YAY!"