Max Brooks, in the book, was very specific on two points. One: that this was a serious subversion of America Saves The Day, because the US was caught hilariously unprepared for the zombie uprising. Two: that zombies are slow, stupid, and were only a threat because they took everyone by surprise after the global media hushed up the problem until it was too big to stop. Those are the primary themes of World War Z: a truly global threat only allowed to happen because of humanity's own idiocy against a threat that should have been possible to stop.

This movie very specifically says that the zombies are abruptly appearing worldwide for no obvious reason; it is very clearly about the American action hero and his own family rather than the entire world; and the single most awful crime of all, these are fast, superpowered zombies.

In short, this movie has absolutely no resemblance to the book of World War Z aside from the title and the fact that it includes zombies. And everything that made the book great (in my opinion), that being the survivors from around the world sharing this story, is completely gone.

Dear movie-makers, please go directly to hell and take this monstrosity with you.