Brad Pitt versus an army of zombies is about all I needed to know about the movie. No thanks, I'll pass.

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You see this is the part where Brooks loses me. A tank shell will break the spine/head cavity. And even if it does not disembowling, blasting back, breaking the legs will most definitely slow them down quite dramatically where they can be more easily picked off.
I believe the point wasn't that a tank shell was useless against a zombie; it's that a tank shell isn't that useful getting rid of a group of zombies. Yes, you're smash the head or backbone of a few of them, but the vast majority will still be getting back up and/or crawling forward.

A large point towards the end of the book was that a calm nerves and a simple flare-bullet was all it took to eliminate a zombie. The problem was that in the beginning the governments were throwing out the most expensive equipment to do the job, and thus ended up overrun because they couldn't produce and utilize the weapons fast enough.

That, and used silliness of street-level ground troops against a mob. The book did have a number of faults.