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    Ahh yes, the battle of Yonkers, the bit of stupidity where a main general could not come up with adequate supplies and was overrun by slow moving targets with 0 range capabilities. It was one of the worst tactical scenes I've read since the main characters of the Sword of Truth decided to catch a larger army by surprise by making themselves glow in the dark, while naked, in the winter. I could have come up with a better battle plan. And his reason for this bit of lunacy? Because the general was a hold over from the Cold War. Do you know what our tactics were during the Cold War? Drop mountains upon mountains of bombs. Incendiary the area. Rain Hell down upon them. And then it will take a 12 year old to figure out to also place some form of barricade around the area (doesn't even have to be a complex one as you're literally facing mindless idiots).

    And yes, again, a lot of shots do not secure a kill. But then, a vast majority of shots in a war are not performed against slow moving, fleshy targets who walk straight at you without cover. And even if they were, again, shooting the legs or messing with the body will slow them down and negate them as a serious threat.

    The guy picks up some information and ignores what he doesn't like to get the scenario he wants and declares that it's off of real life research.
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