Well that's the thing, isn't it? People seem to dislike the book (not just here, but others I've discussed it with) because they think Max Brooks wrote about a long string of stupid coincidence to let the zombie apocalypse happen, and then tried to claim it was plausible. But it's actually the exact opposite to that. The guy basically came up with his zombie virus, Solanum, and said "These are the rules about my zombies." And then he had to think up a way to cause the zombie Apocalypse while staying within those rules.

It took him around seven seconds to realise that no plausible scenario where this was going to happen. So, he made it happen with a gigantic global screwup where it spread in the third world where nobody heard about it, then was covered up by governments who wanted to keep their dirty secret, then spread through other channels while everyone either didn't believe it or intentionally kept the secret. Follow that up with stupid people who panicked when they found out zombies were real, and the massive chaos that caused allowed the zombie problem to grow even larger because everyone was running and nobody was stopping to think for five seconds. And at the end, when the military stepped in, they failed because of armchair generals using shock and awe tactics and vastly underestimating just how hard it is to kill a zombie. With zero morale, all usable resources for the short-term completely exhausted, and the zombie uprising a much bigger problem than anyone knew because nations weren't sharing information... that's how the apocalypse happened.

The point is, this is lampshaded left and right by every character with two living brain cells to rub together. If the people, governments and military forces of the world had not done the stupidest possible thing, the zombie apocalypse would have been stopped before it began.
Max Brooks isn't telling a story about the world led by all us clever people who sit back and say, "Well I'd have never let that happen." He's telling the story of a world where the stupid decisions did get made during the zombie apocalypse. If you don't like that, fine, but that doesn't make him a bad storyteller; it just means you missed the point of what he was doing.