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Well that's the thing, isn't it? People seem to dislike the book (not just here, but others I've discussed it with) because they think Max Brooks wrote about a long string of stupid coincidence to let the zombie apocalypse happen, and then tried to claim it was plausible. But it's actually the exact opposite to that. The guy basically came up with his zombie virus, Solanum, and said "These are the rules about my zombies." And then he had to think up a way to cause the zombie Apocalypse while staying within those rules.
This would be fine if that's what he actually said. Again, I point to my high level of suspension of disbelief, you want to show our military losing to zombies? That's fine, I understand it's necessary for a zombie apocalypse to take place. But he does not say this, he says that his facts and figures are what would happen and it's all based off of real in-depth research into our military and weapons when it is based on nothing of the sort.