I feel like there's a scale of fanservice. At the low end it's pretty unobtrusive - most movies or TV shows include attractive people in the cast, because audiences like watching attractive people. Flattering clothes and the occasional shirtless scene (for guys, mostly) are more noticeable but don't really bother me. Once the camera starts leering at people, or there's more than a little nudity, then it starts to bug me - if only because I'm easily embarrassed. Doesn't help that I usually watch movies with friends and family.

There are exceptions, though. I recall watching Clue: the Movie with friends and cracking up every time we got another shot of Yvette the maid climbing up the stairs towards the camera, or bending over to pour someone drinks. It was blatantly silly, and the movie was a silly comedy, so I suppose it fit. Or The Whole Nine Yards, which features a brief topless scene but was still pretty fun to watch with my mother.

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On the other hand, there's one particular scene later on in season 1 that stands out as unnecessary fanservice. One character whose a bit of a manipulative bastard is monologueing about the nature of men and giving a bit of insight into his plan... All the while two girls are going at it in the background. It's as if the producers were saying "Look, this guy is talking for 5 minutes. Here's some boobs. Just look at those until we get through the boring bits."
I'm not sure there's any "as if" about that. From what I hear, the show uses nudity as a way to keep the audience from getting bored during exposition scenes... or a way to keep the producers from worrying about said issue, or possibly both. Watchers who are really into the political drama in Westeros will follow along for the plot; for those who aren't, look! Naked people!

Which is not to say that I approve, necessarily, but I've heard at least one person argue that the show owes a lot to the Naked Exposition principleóbecause otherwise, a lot of content would have been cut or simplified. True? I dunno, but it's an interesting thought.