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    Quote Originally Posted by Tebryn View Post
    That doesn't excuse it of being badly written, badly researched or poorly implemented in the cases it's lampshaded. Nor does it validate any of the times the idiot ball is thrown around either.
    Pretty much.

    If you have to make everybody an idiot to make your satire work (And Im a person who believes that common man ISN'T stupid. Slightly paranoid? Tend to take things too simply? Yes. But not stupid) then you fail.

    The book is...kinda racist in my opinion. Not too get too deeply into that, but It felt like he simplified countries to the barest minimum (Pretty much EVERY country) in order to tell his story.

    He makes his story so difficult to pull off he ignores every other fact.

    How can we loose to zombies if we have tanks? Just get 20 of those suckers and just run over everybody.


    Also the zombies would have killed themselves in hours.

    Think about the HUNDREDS of daily things that you do that if they wen't wrong, you would seriously damage yourself.

    As a Zombie, you lack those instintcs:

    A slightly bumpy road, sidewalk, sharp edges, would reduce you to crumbled mush.

    Double edit all the way:

    The whole thing reminds me of this
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