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There's two sides of that coin, actually. In the physical realm, I have some...extremely unusual reactions to certain medications and treatments. Certain standard treatments with antibiotics that work with most people have a history of leaving me with resistant infections. You become a bit more of an expert because you have to be. I've had plenty of doctors go in and tell me they want to do the standard treatment anyway, because "no one has that sort of reaction." Or similar problems with recurring issues being brushed aside as not real, again because according to the books they can't find anything that matches the symptoms described. The nightmare patient? Is often the patient like me that's had a few rounds of "oops we decided we had to do the textbook treatment yet again, and it resulted in a bigger problem yet again."

It's...sort of the same, really. When you've heard a few rounds of "oh you have X so we should do Y" after you've been trying Y for several years - yeah you sort of stop taking these people seriously. Or when a doctor seems to be ignoring any symptoms that don't fit with what he's decided the problem is (again, seen this with both physical and mental stuff).
that sounds familiar.. my dad's wife has a rare disease and has set up the local non profit organisation to group other people with it together and inform doctors about it..so yeah..she does a fair deal of self diagnosing too, on account of actually knowing things.
lame question.. don't you have a family doctor or someone who has followed your medical history and can vouch for the unusual reactions?..I mean..if it's happened before, someone should remember this other than yourself..right?