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    Quote Originally Posted by Scowling Dragon View Post
    Also the zombies would have killed themselves in hours.
    Think about the HUNDREDS of daily things that you do that if they wen't wrong, you would seriously damage yourself.
    As a Zombie, you lack those instintcs:
    A slightly bumpy road, sidewalk, sharp edges, would reduce you to crumbled mush.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scowling Dragon View Post
    Also: Bullets have kinetic energy. Even ONE bullet is likely to knock even a very well balanced person on their butt.
    What about zombies that can barely even stand?
    Brooks seriously undervalues damage done to zombies outside of the head.
    Hit the spine and then just collapse. Hit the legs and they collapse.
    Hit the body and they just fall down and collapse.
    True, but seriously, this can be said for basically all the films with the shambler zombie type. And also for a certain amount of the other zombie movies.
    When you shoot with an heavy machine gun the crowd of zombies, you obtain nothing.

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    The awful CG, the family focused characters,
    It hurts, doesn't it?
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    Great analysis KA. I second all things you said
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    Great analysis KA, I second everything you said here.
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    If I have a player using Paladin in the future I will direct them to this. Good job.
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    THIS is proof that KA is amazing
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    Killer Angel, you have an excellent taste in books
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    Historical zombies is a fantastic idea.