There are certain things that get it right and certain things that don't.

Oglaf manages to be brilliant at producing content that is captures its tone just right while at the same time not being arousing.

Something like Menage a 3 is both arousing at times and fits its own concept. Not such a fan of that one but it does what it does well.

One time I saw an anime one time where a giant robot crab came to the beach out of nowhere and cut bikinis off the girls. It made me feel skeezy as I happen to like "girl loses bathing suit" fantasy but at the same time it was like it was pandering to that fantasy and playing up everything about it. It was like a sweet thing with no substance that was inviting me to gorge upon it. There was no other substance to the scene. I disliked it a lot. Felt manipulative.

The "perverted camera angle" trick isn't my cup of tea either. I feel like the sexy needs to be within the realm of character actions so that we can know the characters better through how they interact with whatever situation they are in.