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Thread: Lucid Dreaming skill rework (3.5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuggyne View Post
    This looks good on the whole. I have only two comments at present: first, you should specifically call out that being damaged in a lucid dream has consequences for restful sleep (i.e., you lose an hour of sleep, for spellcasters, or something of that nature), and there should be a larger penalty for being "killed" in a lucid dream.

    Secondly, the synergy with Forgery is odd; I would expect Bluff to work better, since you're not writing anything down.
    A far as restful sleep, what about dividing damage by health and getting that fraction less sleep?
    On the note of synergies, I suppose that does sort of fit better. Fixing now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Domriso View Post
    Depending on the nature of dreams within the campaign, I would also add in higher checks that allow for accessing communal dreams, interacting with Dream, and otherwise messing with dreams with your companions.
    Hmmm... Problem with that its it locks you right back into the dreaming-is-its-own-plane interpretation that I wanted to avoid. Maybe a Bard spell to go into someone else's dream that can be cast from inside the dream?
    Quote Originally Posted by nonsi View Post
    Many times In literature/movies, getting killed in a manipulated dream is potentially lethal, or at least something that can scar you for life.

    Repeated manipulation, OTOH, should raise the DC significantly and have reduced consequences, because the target becomes experienced in this kind of manipulation.
    What do you think about making it ability drain instead of damage? Or possibly burn?

    And... Did you just request that the skill get weaker and harder to use the more you use it? I'm not going to redo the Truenamer, here.

    Edit: clarified what happens if you try to change someone else.
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