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    Quote Originally Posted by Archonic Energy View Post
    question 1: in 100 words or more decribe how your previous work makes you suitable for employment here.
    question2: in 100 words or more describe what you think you will bring to the company.
    question 3:in 100 words or more describe how in the film 2012 the neutreno mutation occured?
    It's more like:
    "[The company] wishes to compare your experience, skills and knowledge with its requirements as detailed in the person specification. You should, therefore, try to show in the following part of the form how you satisfy these. "

    The different categories include: IT Skills, Meeting Deadlines, Dealing with customer complaints, Team Working, Flexible Approach, Problem solving and 'Commitment to Equality'.

    Sure, a lot of these things aren't too hard to come up with stuff for, but 'commitment to equality'?

    "Yeah, since I've worked in customer support and other customer services roles for the past 13 years, I feel that all customers are equally idiotic and should be despised equally."
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    KuReshtin too, because he's awesome and a Swede, and therefore double awesome.
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