Hey Playground I was thinking about a new Houserule for my 1ED game based on something awesome that happened in my game.

My cleric cast Abjure on a daemon and rolled 1%. I said as a joke "Thats not sending him to Hell thats sending him to my god!" The DM liked the idea and gave me another role at 25% to send the daemon to be punished before my god. I made the role and there was much rejoicing.

But it got me thinking about natural 20s and natural 1s and so forth. In our game a 20 on a hit role is max damage and a natural 1 rolls on a fumble table. Standard stuff really but I wanted to branch the idea out into terms of magic and saving throws.

The general idea is that getting a natural 20 on a save has some additional effect. So if you get a 20 on a fireball you don't take half damage you take none. Enchantment spells would have a psychic backlash against the caster, nothing big, just like 1d10 or 1 per level of the save. But of course rolling a 1 would have penalties. Rolling a 1 against a fireball you'd either start burning or take extra damage. Against enchantments you'd be affected permanently or there'd be an after effect, so even if you got a Hold spell dispelled you'd be slowed, and a charm would make you unwilling to attack him directly even after it wore off.

Just a quick thought I would like some feedback on balance or even ideas of your own while I work out the effects in more detail. The idea is just to make things more epic!