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I'm something of a filthy lech, so I'm pretty appreciative of fanservice in general.

I find it pointless to get worked up about it. Whether or not a work contains fanservice, I find that at least a portion of the fanbase will seek it out anyways, whether through their own creations or the work of others. You can censor it, ridicule it and express disgust at it, but until that glorious day that we're all converted into Cybermen, there's no stopping it.
Oh, I disagree. Show producers that it doesn't appeal to enough of the target audience or worse, actively annoys them by taking away from the actual substance of the show (again, Game of Thrones) and maybe they'll stop trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

As Friv and Scowling Dragon pointed out, if someone wants nudity or porn, there's far better options out there than whatever fanservice they shoehorn into a TV show/movie/video game.

Now, my opinion on this has nothing to do with feminism or objectification or anything like that. My general dislike of fanservice is purely about the quality of the work in question, and it's all too common for fanservice to feel out of place or for a work to try to ride on fanservice with very little actual substance of its own. When that sort of thing happens, it's unnecessary. It's lazy. It's poor writing. It annoys me.

That's not to say fanservice can't be done in such a way that feels like it fits in a story, just that it usually isn't.