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I'd actually prefer more nudity in general on TV because I think it should more accepted as something that doesn't necessarily have to be sexualised.
Yeah, but the problem with that is, if the intent, and result is to remove the importance of nudity and such, it would become less fanservice. Fanservice is pretty much entirely based around titillation, (pun intended) of the viewers. Whether its generic fanservice with random panty shots and boob bounces of nonfamous people like you see in anime such as HSOTD, or direct fanservice like putting a sexy and popular actress in a revealing outfit just because the fans have been salivating over the thought for so long, or releasing a swimsuit edition of your comic book characters, or the standard bath house scene in popular anime or manga where fanservice isnt usually done. Fanservice is all about the sexualization of whoever it is aimed at. Too be honest, if nudity finally stopped being some sexy taboo, I shudder to think the direction fanservice would take then. Softcore porn?