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    Quote Originally Posted by Devmaar View Post
    No, that's just your mutant power. Mine is befriending people I don't like
    I agree with that thar white text up thar, somewhere. ( Am I really, truely, misunderstandablerg, or are you people just too lazy to try and read the newest form of creative literature? LAZY I SAY!)

    Quote Originally Posted by LaZodiac View Post
    I beat Assassin's Creed 3. Woohoo~
    ... Can I PLLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEE rant about how modern games are crap, and also, why does everything come out in November?

    1. STORY IS TOO SHORT :People are beating Halo and Asspeople Creed in a single day. Halo has great multiplayer and thank god it has the 'Season' deal, that helps with content. But a 6 hour story is a bit small. (But those guys probbly skipped cutscenes, so myeh)

    Asscreed, I dont really care for and wouldn't care much if it fell in a pit of firey lava burn for 123k dps.

    2. WHY DID IT ALL COME OUT IN NOVEMBER? Planning to get things for Christmas pretty much means that all the story gets ruined for you in the first week of it being out, and you're behind in the online content. BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF WINTER RELEASES IS CHRISTMAS.

    3. BLARGLE.

    2.What I said in 2 up there, so this looks mroe ranty and less 4 lines of text so Teddy doesn't come ina nd reply in 8 paragraphs with intelligent links to sources about how the Gamign industry is actually about the money and not consumer satisfaction.
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    Can only thank GitP for being so good for so long.
    Quote Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
    If it helps, think of me as the Agent from Serenity. Just not that good a fighter. Also, I have a mustache.
    Quote Originally Posted by kpenguin View Post
    I'm probably hilarious far off, aren't I?
    Quote Originally Posted by Telonius View Post
    This is not... the greatest story Tolkien ever wrote. No... This is just a tribute.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dracon1us View Post
    don't feed the troll...

    A pile of thanks piled on other thanks to Teddy for photorealistic avatar.