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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant Sheep View Post
    2.What I said in 2 up there, so this looks mroe ranty and less 4 lines of text so Teddy doesn't come ina nd reply in 8 paragraphs with intelligent links to sources about how the Gamign industry is actually about the money and not consumer satisfaction.
    Hehehe. Given, I don't think it's that easy. Customers vote with their feet (or rather, wallets), and when we demand one thing and buy another (in heaps), we send out some really mixed messages. That said, I think there must be some unhealthy element involved in the creative process of many big business game manifacturers that steer any ambition of originality back to the safer mainstream.

    Like when little brother picked up the first Halo again some week ago and played it for a while, and I realised how empty open lonely the game was, with even some of the more hectic levels containing large empty stretches without a single enemy. Like the first flood level (343 Guilty Spark), where you wander through the Forerunner facility without facing anything (apart from a traumatised marine) up to the flood room. Or any of the outdoor levels, really.

    I miss that element, but I think that, somewhere, someone's gotten the idea that the players get bored if there's any more than a minute between each hectic fight, which is sad. I'd like to make a FPS that's more about exploration than firefighting gunfighting. You'd wander around, trying to uncover this magnificent ancient secret while your adversaries are practically as lost as you are, and no one has any idea of what the other one knows or is up to, but you have to stop them at all cost.

    Might have to crib the whole "AI in you head" concept from HALO. I just like the idea of it...
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