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    You are the true heir! I pass along the transient banter crown to you; your golden claim has shone through the leaden clamour of usurpery. Wear it well, gentleman, and grow wise in its glow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    No. It is not a fun drug. It has no effects other than to dull pain for a few hours. It has no other properties than to be damaging to one's liver if one takes more than eight standard tablets spread out over a twenty-four hour period, a process heightened by long term alcohol abuse.
    And no, I will not be developing an aristocratic Laudanum habit. Mainly because Laudanum is dangerous. Besides, there are other ways to appear aristocratic that are cheaper.

    Paracetamol is also known as Acetaminophen, in case that name is more relevant to you.
    But laudanum is not about appearing aristocratic: it's about feeling aristocratic! Lounging about in silken bedclothes and a silky haze, fixated on some glint of gaslight on the gilded moulding in which the glee of the universe twinkles like a star...

    Has your acetampihoinen been keeping the pain at bay effectively, at least?

    What art are you working on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimonite View Post
    Is it weird that I pretty much understand everything freak-fleece says? Yeah, that's weird, isn't it...
    As do I; I dare say I look forward to his endearing spastic outbursts. He gives the impression of an artefact machine, vibrating on the verge of bursting. It gives me a contact high.

    Quote Originally Posted by KuReshtin View Post
    Aaargh.. ALL the new random banter threads.. Getting flashbacks to the RB 151 wars.

    I'm bored.

    For those who didn't read the spoilered text:

    TL/DR -
    Made redundant. Bored at work. Unsure of future plans. Life isn't great right now.
    I am sorry, good sir. A part of me leaps like a squirrel to convince you that now is the time for a big wonderful change in your life. Even while another part of me slouches like a raccoon, that one should not always hope to mythologize in these moments of crisis.

    What do you think?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant Sheep View Post
    In a more serious tone(I don't do this often, take notes ) Hi hello welcome to the show. Take a seat, the regulars will be here to talk about their daily lives shortly. And then we kind of let Knee and Teddy (those two silly fluffy beasts) carry on the longest and most complicated worddsmithery ever only ever rivaled by Curly. YOU KNOW NONE OF THESE NAMES BWHAHAHA!
    That reminds me, that another impression I had I wish to draw in Sharpies -- from when someone mentioned shipping Teddy and I -- was a budgie and Teddy's cloud-dreamer avatar, back to back in a dramatic pose in combat with an encircling horde of monsters.

    Perhaps I will undertake it this weekend, for a break from paper-writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thufir View Post
    No mention, even if only in connection with Curly?
    Mutant Sheep, I can cannot express to you the pain I feel at this most painful revelation. I desire to convey to you officially... that I am HURT!
    Ah, sweet Θύφιρ... the days when you and the auspicious Curly wove your grand discourses are so long turned away from light that only the gray-aged of us still bear it in memory. For you yourself are become a scarce commodity, and your lady indeed is in some place grooming her flock of dodos.
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