Well, we managed to have a good deal of confusion about this one, didn't we?

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In a more serious tone(I don't do this often, take notes ) Hi hello welcome to the show. Take a seat, the regulars will be here to talk about their daily lives shortly. And then we kind of let Knee and Teddy (those two silly fluffy beasts) carry on the longest and most complicated worddsmithery ever only ever rivaled by Curly. YOU KNOW NONE OF THESE NAMES BWHAHAHA!
Pfft. Only some of us give you that much info.

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I see you've met the sheep. You get used to him theoretically at least
Either that, or you learn to catch what he means without actually reading what he posts .

ION: Something has managed to get my friends (at least some of them) mad at each other, and I have no idea (well, I have an idea, but very little info about it, so there's not much to go on) what has them all bothered.

Oh, and a welcome to AllIHaveIsChunk!