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You are the true heir! I pass along the transient banter crown to you; your golden claim has shone through the leaden clamour of usurpery. Wear it well, gentleman, and grow wise in its glow.
Umm... I'll try, but expecting wisdom and Coidzors to mix is a bit of a tall order.

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I just got told about a wonderful chrome plugin.

Chrome Herp Derp. It changes all youtube comments from the hateful stupid stuff to long strings of "Herp" and "Derp". Makes browsing youtube much nicer.
Oh my. I shall have to forward this onto my compatriots who cannot abide any youtube comments ever at all.

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Blarg. I'm bad at Fridays.
As am I. I always want to go out and do something but lack the basic social etiquette knowledge necessary to really know what or how to do so, haha.

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Taken in the correct dosage Paracetamol causes no liver damage whatsoever--it's only when you take so much that you overwhelm the liver's natural pathways for metabolising the stuff that you have problems.
Ahh. I'd always heard it was pretty taxing even in the safe-ish dosages.

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Oh. Then you must be Sir Coidzor. My mistake.
No Sir.

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It's still not my place to do so. After all, she would consider it very rude.

I apologise, but I am not in the business of setting my sister up with people on the Internet. Even if those people happen to be very stylish.
How very prim and proper of her... A bit too prim, even... Hmm...

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Indeed. And the projects just continue adding up.
Why is the world so inspiring?!? Why?!?!
More important point... I procrastinate too much.
TO encourage you to beat the foul foeman Procratinatorre.

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oy….I started one right around the same time as Coid. darn it, I was hoping to hijack it like a cowboy….
Don't fret, love, 'tis but a few short days till next round of the ****'s crow for the Bantering Burley.