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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercenary Pen View Post
    Short excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel, particularly for Teddy's eyes (I really have kept it short), but others may enjoy if they wish...
    Ohh, this I'll have to read...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercenary Pen View Post
    They've finally snapped, Bjorn thought to himself, they've called in toys to fill in for the real armoured vehicles that we can't man, and it doesn't matter how damned ridiculous they look because this decision will have been made at the highest level, so fighting it directly is no use at all. I just hope they shoot you all down before even one of our proper armoured vehicles is hit by enemy fire.
    This is perfect! Passive-aggressively wishing that they all just die off so that we can go back to piloting true armour and firepower, while still not refusing to use them? Yeah, that's pretty much me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercenary Pen View Post
    A pitiful sight, aren't they Hippo, came a voice from behind Bjorn[...]
    This made me hit myself in the head because it's so silly. And then laugh. I still laugh at it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kneenibble View Post
    ;___; Where were you when I was lost in the black bowels of Brennenburg Castle, wading through horror and sin?
    Probably right here, or in the immediate vicinity hereof.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kneenibble View Post
    Is the Teddy's uniform underneath his cape a black tunic with blue baldric & belt?
    Actually, it's a deep blue tunic (or something along those lines) with a belt and baldric of leather pouches (sort of like an arcanist's bandoleer), although I've been thinking of dropping the latter and focus on making the tunic-thing more interesting in itself instead. So, I hereby task you to go wild and use your own imagination to come up with something reasonably stylish for me to wear beneath the cape. Art is free, and I've always liked other's interpretations of subjects and characters. I may have ideas and instructions, but in the end, what I look for is what you've done with them, not whether it's up to my expectations or not.
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