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Well, in the winter I walk everywhere. Other times bicycle all the way.

I live in SoBro. "South" Broad Ripple, if you're unfamiliar with the terminology. The reason south is in quotes is a lengthy and quite-off-topic discussion.

I live about 4 blocks from my work. Everything I need is close by. If I need to go far away, like Castleton or downtown, I take the bus.
Lucky. The supermarket in my area is about three miles away, and I usually end up buying about thirty to sixty pounds of food because I only shop about every other week. And I have to carry that on a bike. Now, if I had a grocer's within four blocks, I would just shop every few days, have fresh meat, and not need to carry groceries on a bike.
(Also my muscles forgot how to walk long distances since I've been biking most places.)