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I hate snow. I really can not express how much I loathe that cold as **** stuff, just eugh. And when it snows it's always this boatload of the the stuff clogging everything everywhere or these massive hail storms or instant sludges that get your socks wet no matter what kind of shoes you wear and usually all of these types happen at varying times over each and every day.

And lets not get started on how the bloody sun likes to poke it's head out in between to melt the top of the previous layer so when the next layer lands it can freeze again making everything slippery as **** as only 'ice with a single layer of wet snow on top' can be.

Just eugh.

Oh and yeah I walk or ride a bicycle almost everywhere I go so the snow screws that up as well.
Biking in fresh snow isn't too bad (relatively speaking) as long as it's not icy and you don't turn too sharply. It's snow that everybody's already walked in that's really hard to bike on, because it's packed really unevenly and shifts a lot, on top of being slippery.