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Actually, it's a deep blue tunic (or something along those lines) with a belt and baldric of leather pouches (sort of like an arcanist's bandoleer), although I've been thinking of dropping the latter and focus on making the tunic-thing more interesting in itself instead. So, I hereby task you to go wild and use your own imagination to come up with something reasonably stylish for me to wear beneath the cape. Art is free, and I've always liked other's interpretations of subjects and characters. I may have ideas and instructions, but in the end, what I look for is what you've done with them, not whether it's up to my expectations or not.
Okay! Good. The avatar I made for Blue Ghost was pretty interpretative -- I'm not good enough at making images to have too specific an object.

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Oh my.

I suppose I'd better go and find who can still liquefy me then.
I mean I'd like to boast my wrist and manual skills, but... not all men are vinaigrettes.