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    Well, the key issue behind saving throws is their intention. In D&D saving throws existed to make players roll more dice, specifically for nasty effects like charm and save-or-die. There have even been variants in many D&D systems for making players roll all the dice, even for attacks against them. This is because most tabletop RPGs are heavily based on that random semi-gambling aspect. Furthermore, the D20 has a 5% chance for a 1 and a 5% chance for a 20, which (for certain rolls) represent automatic failure and success.

    The 5% failure is something that really bothers me. Many people houserule it to be a fumble (or potential fumble), and I find that having a 5% or higher chance per round to lose your weapon is an un-fun way of doing things. One houserule I've considered is to make it so that a natural 1 is a miss with no other bad results (this is RAW for most systems), but the player can choose to reroll the attack and will only fumble on a roll of 10 or less.
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