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I actually find Orks one of the best alien races when done well - the right nuance of their constant need for conflict balanced with a thriving society based around that same driving force. An interesting culture and one in many ways foreign but in many ways similar to our own.
Sadly they are too often portrayed as mindless brutes or dumb cardboard bad guys.
My problem is more with the whole "Yes, Ork Virginia, there is moar dakka, and you have the right to be-leeeeef" free pass they get when it comes to explaining 'most everything they do. Their technology is ramshackle and hammered together by cretins with rocks? The Waaagh does it! Their base ecology would be rapidly displaced by native competitors that don't suffer the calory burden of gestating more orks? The Waaagh does it! A race of latent psykers is somehow immune to the ravages of daemon infestation? The Waaagh does it!

Sure, on a cultural level you can make a reasonable argument that orks are happier than any other species in the setting, given that they have no instinct for self-preservation and luurv a good scrap. Of course, they die like flies, typically at the hands of other orks, but they are happy right up to the moment they are dead.

And it seems to meeee, that you lived your life, like a candle on the wiiind...