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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayngfet View Post
    ..honestly, I wouldn't care all that much if Heroes Duty was cut entirely given how it went in the movie. Calhoun is easily the least developed character, the enemies are contrived and seem to only exist to set up the obligatory boss fight, and the Calhoun/Felix romance was so contrived it was kind of ridiculous.

    I agree. When it comes down to it, the bugs were essentially a sub plot, but treated like it was just as important as the main plot; the Main plot could have probably gone fine without it.

    Not to mention the idea of a mass virus inflecting the arcade could actually worked as a movie plot in and of itself. Could have been used to work as a good sequel... Though speaking of which, i wouldn't really want to see a sequel that focused on Ralph; the arcade works as a universe with great possibilities as they can make all sorts of games to base a plot around. You can get a lot of use out of that so long as the movies don't tie themselves down to just a select group of characters and are willing to focus elsewhere. Heck, if it wasn't for her role in this movie, Calhoun could have been the main character or co-star of a sequel.
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