Okay, so everyone right now is probably wondering 'What in the sam everloving pony hell just happened'. I'll do my best to explain.

Aurora is the name of Taylor's old sword, which he and Starbeam peiced together from fragments of his soul and ludicrous amounts of light magic that he provided. It's essentially a weaker Holy Avenger: Sun Edition.

However, it has prerequisites:

1) The wielder must be pure of heart, pure of action, and pure of mind. (You gotta be good, you can't use it to do anything but good and it works best when protecting others, and you have to be at least a little serene).

2) Taylor has to give you complete mental permission and utter a phrase. (It's a peice of his soul, so yeah.)

3) Since it relies on Taylor's life force and the wielder's, it can virtually only be used once per day, and takes a VERY heavy toll on both whoever uses it and Taylor himself. (This is usually just fatigue, hunger, or even unconsciousness depending on whether it's just a few slices or that nuke effect there, which is basically taking the sword's energy and expanding it outward)

So, it's less a superweapon and more a one-shot bomb. Hope that pre-emptively cleared any questions on the subject.