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Well I'm from the old-school era when Orks actually had good, if crude looking, technology (old pictures include one of a bunch of Meks looking at blueprints for a gargant); there were female orks before all this badgerbadgerbadger mushroom nonesense; and Gork (or possibly Mork) kept chaos away by running around the warp punching it in the face - so my view is slanted somewhat.
I'm pretty hazy on the Orks even compared to other factions, but none of this sounds remotely controversial. I mean, what else would Gork and Mork be doing?

Also, take the AK47. It is such a simple, efficient and durable design that you can put it back together with some of the bits the wrong way round and it will continue to work just fine, apparently. I could see the imperium taking a look at it and claiming it couldn't possibly work. They probably wouldn't, but I could imagine it. I figure that Ork tech is this, applied to everything and turned up to 11.

It almost all works in legitimate, scientific ways. It's ramshackle and horrendously unsafe, but also simple enough that if it gets filled with mud blood and bones, they just need to shake the crud out of it and it'll go back to working just fine. It's completely mechanical, without so much as a machine spirit and most of it is bodged together with old rope like the contestants of an episode of Scrapheap Challenge developed murderous insanity.

But it's not innately powered by Waagh. Mostly.