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I like this as a starting point, but I feel as if all the DCs except the first one ought to be 5 higher. Lucid dreaming is a very rare thing; I've done it precisely thrice, and I was never able to make any changes to the dreamscape during those episodes, so I suspect it's more difficult - knowing you're dreaming just involves becoming aware, while changing anything requires enforcing your will over your perceptions and thus is akin to disbelieving a high-level illusion (with your subconscious as the caster, so it'd be vaguely as if you were possessed by a demon that was casting illusions on your own eyes which it disbelieves while looking out through them).
While I get it's a difficult thing, remember how much a single skill point can do in some cases. Jump, for example. Or Knowledge - even half a skill point brings you from "only knows common-knowledge stuff" to "might know something up to DC 20 or more, with luck". Five points in Ride, for someone with completely average Dexterity, allows them to not fall out when the horse rears unexpectedly, and to guide the horse, not just without reins, but without hands.

I also think there's a problem with the fact that the nonlethal damage on awakening is incapable of killing someone, even if they have a heart condition or the like. Use of lucid dreaming as an assassination effort should be almost impossible, but not inherently defined by the system as completely so. I'd go for something like "roll the target's Hit Dice as nonlethal damage; if reduced to 0, the target fails to awaken. Make a Will save 5 minutes later to wake up; if you fail, you slip into a coma. While comatose, make a Fortitude save; on a failure you die." Something along those lines. The probability of death is extremely low, but if you spammed this effect nightly you'd have a chance of it eventually working, especially if you targeted people who appeared frail or weak-willed.
Actually, that sounds like a really good idea. I couldn't figure a way for it to work that it was possible for them to die but not likely or abusable, and you've got a great one right there. Mind if I tweak it a bit? Specifically, saying "If you fail the Will save, take Wisdom damage equal to your Wisdom score" so that there is a clear way out of the coma (I figured that the larger amount of damage makes up for it being damage instead of burn).

The problem is just that Bluff already has three full synergies and a conditional one attached to it; I'd be happier not having it become more of a god-skill. Perhaps Knowledge: Psionics or Concentration instead?
Now why didn't I think of Concentration for this?
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That too.
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Should it even be its own skill? It sounds like it could just be a sub-set of Autohypnosis.

Another possible application: defeat a Nightmare spell.
Subset? No. While it might sort of fit, Autohypnosis is good enough as a utility skill as-is without adding more.
Defeating a Nightmare? That's a good use. How should I scale the DC to the caster level, do you think?