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Writer's block is the worst. When I'm writing, I find that I just have to bang through it, and then when I come back to it later, I realize how bad it is and rewrite that section and it's okay. Unfortunately, PbP doesn't really give you that option, but I'm guessing the block is regarding what happens next regarding the main plot (whatever that's going to be).

Are you trying to get everyone together at some point (i.e. a sort of team) or are you content with leaving everyone separate and working on their own interests? I can see how writing updates for six different people each post can be taxing, especially the history of what each person has done is split up in spoilers across several posts. If we're trying to get everyone together, it's not really bad form to let us know and have us tweak our character reactions slightly to make it easier on the game.

The seven of you will be split into two groups once I finish up the last few people's night. Likely I may start up the time skip before Faruq's night is finished, maybe.