Tears of rage and hate burn in Danties eyes as a new found hatred burns inside him for this lich and all he has done. How could anything that once had life do this to not just the people who livid their but the land itself. Danties anger continued to grow until he felt the weakness in Arrallae, and her voice begin to change. In seconds he was over their holding her as Jacob had asked them to do, only to find it was exhaustion that had caused it and not her other side awakening. As she said she was fine to everyone and that she just needed rest Dantie nodded and let her lay down telling her the tale of how Pelor brought light to the world from the darkness that it was born into. Not once did Dantie talk besides to tell her the story, he was to busy trying to calm himself down. And so he followed the others, Xander in tow with his book to his nose, to the last of her pilgrimage, the rose garden.