@Dantie: "A maze? I never fashioned the garden to be a maze. This place was supposed to be a place for meditation. So the fey and the people of the village could come and relax. Why would Balion alter it?"

Arrallae produces the rose taken from the Rose Bearer and walks toward the thorn tower. She puts her hand on the roots which begin to move violently.

"No need to hide anymore."

The enormous green tower unravels itself before the goddess as the roots sink below ground, shaking the very grove as they do so. Once the roots have buried themselves, Arrallae tosses the rose into the center of the mass and waves her hand as she does so, sending a scented breeze into the grove. Upon landing, the Rose Key bursts in a rain of petals which land on the ground around all of you. Immediately the place blossoms with crimson roses covered in dew. No more a dangerous hedge maze, now an entire grove filled with roses, sparkling like rubies. Amidst the roses, large flat headed mushrooms have sprouted. Arrallae walks through the roses and takes a seat.

"What do we have here?"

She digs into the roses and produces a pup sized plant creature. resembling a hedgehog. The creature blinks twice, yawns and falls asleep on her arms.

"You were born here, weren't you? Then it is right that you stay here. What should we name him?"

@Tarith: Amid the transformation of the rose garden, you spot at the very end a purple bulb which belches forth pollen. You know that was the one bulb that was missing from your search. Not missing a beat, you walk through teh roses and stick your hand inside. A slimy feel, yet your hands reach around a heavy object, like a spear. You place both hands into the bulb and pull with all your strength. As the sun's rays fall on the garden, you see a stone scythe, identical to the one used by Balion, with a rune etched into it and covered in a fetid juice.

"I have seen that scythe before, Tarith. What do you plan to do with it?"