@Tarith: "Indeed...let us return to the Swan, unless you have something else you'd like to do?"
Arrallae puts the baby battlebriar aon the ground and this one goes running through the roses before getting lost in them.

@The Party: A few hours go by and you reach Swan's Rest. The gentle healing winds are a refreshing welcome. The villagers salute Arrallae as Gail and Owen run towards her and amost knock her off her feet with a big hug.

"We missed you, auntie A!"

"I have missed you too, children, Please forgive my behavior a few nights past. Friends?"


Arrallae looks at you and bows. "This has been an exhausting trip. Thank you for walking with me. I will now retire. Make yourselves at home."

You walk u to Steiner's place and find Cecile lounging on the couch, reading a book. Basil is aggressively devouring a blueberry pie. Several empty dishes lie scattered on the table.

"You're back, T!", Cecile jumps off the couch. "I am really grateful for what the elf did for us, but this place is boooooring! We scouted the place last night- didn't go into any house, but there is nothing of value. That guy, Jacob? He sends his wife every few hours or so to bring us food. I suspect they want to make sure we are clean. Basil isn't complaining."

Basil lifts his head up and smiles a big blue grin.

"When can we leave for the city? I really want to see Bill and Oliver. Wonder how they are! They're going to get a kick out of seeing us walk right back to the Wench. Otis is sure to have a stroke or two!"

A knock is heard o the door.

When you open it, you find Jacob looking at you, arms crossed.

"She mentioned you brought that scythe. You know that is bad news. Why did you do that?"