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I'm pretty hazy on the Orks even compared to other factions, but none of this sounds remotely controversial. I mean, what else would Gork and Mork be doing?
That doesn't really solve the problem, though. In theory, the God-Emperor spends his time doing battling the Chaos Gods too, but that doesn't make human psykers immune to daemon influence. (I'm not sure I buy the notion of orks lacking souls, as that has it's own side effects. Collective ensoulment just means collective possession.)

On the subject of Ork technology: I'm pretty sure there are canon sources which state that it basically stops working if you take away the 'Waaagh field' that powers it. To the point that a human guardsman who picks up a shoota would likely have it explode in their face.

I'm aware that most Ork technology is supposed to be genetically encoded, but this runs into two other questions:
(1) Why not simply go the Tyranid route, and grow weapons as an extension of your body? It seems vastly more efficient.
(2) Why, over aeons of natural selection for dakka output, hasn't Ork technology outstripped the imperium? I mean, genetic knowledge would change more slowly than intellectual knowledge, but for a species as live-fast-and-die-hard as the orks, that's gotta accumulate over time.