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DM: You are about to fall off a precipice. Roll a saving throw.
Player 1: I roll a 20.
DM: You carefully pirouette of the very edge, turn a 180 degrees, and stop gracefully at the lip.
Player 2: I roll a 1.
DM: You turn a perfect pirouette, mirroring your friend perfectly, you turn 180 degrees, and stop gracefully on the lip. You smile a triumphant smile, as the rock under your foot breaks off, and you tumble down the cliff. Roll 3d6 damage.
I like this. This is awesome.

But this is less about fumbles more about the critical. I would only include the 'fumbles' for a save because if there is criticals then there is fumbles. I like the semi-gambling aspect, and so I do want to reward my players for rolling 20's. Not that thats the ONLY reason to reward them though.

But if you were a wizard and my orc rolled a 20 on his save vs charm and you took backlash would you feel like something is going wrong there?