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    Default Re: Warhammer 40k fluff thread VI: They see me Ward'en, they haten

    Quote Originally Posted by shadow_archmagi View Post
    While this is true, there are also canon sources (Of which the RT core rulebook is one, and I'm sure there are others) which state that Ork tech functions without orks, just not nearly as well.
    The 'Orks tech works because it works' has mostly been phased out since 4th. 'Conflicting canon' isn't so much a thing anymore since 4th, or the end of 3rd. Unless you're deliberately bringing up something from 15 years ago (stuff in 3rd Ed. Codex) in comparison to something very recent - like Rogue Trader.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the Internet and 'casuals' get their information from wikis and not from books. However, a quick look on Lexicanum shows me that the 'stupid' side of Ork technology (i.e; It works because it works) isn't there. Which is a good thing. It seems like the community is catching up. Although stuff from the Horus Heresy novels are usually incomplete or missing, which is weird as the Horus Heresy books are considered the 'most canon source yet'.

    Ork Tech is now just crude and/or unsafe. The Gargant's fusion core is leaking radiation? Sure is. Probably isn't harmful to the Orks because they're a mixture of fungus, plant and mammal and love radiation (it's why their skin is green, for photosynthesis). But to humans? Deadly. And, because of the near-backwards nature of technology, the Imperium is also really bad at understanding anything they didn't build themselves - and even if they did, they sometimes still don't get it.
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