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I like this. This is awesome.
Thank you.

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But if you were a wizard and my orc rolled a 20 on his save vs charm and you took backlash would you feel like something is going wrong there?
If a spell has a possible bad effect, and I didn't know that in advance, then yes, I'd think something was going wrong here. If you told me about teh rules change in advance, then no, it's all OK.

My concerns are about balance and tactics. Any rules change can potentially affect what the correct tactic is.. If you add a potential danger to a spell that didn't have one before, then that changes the game, and changes when that spell is the correct move.

Again, on saving throws, I prefer to treat crits with fluff, without changing the result.

Wizard player: I cast Charm Person on the orc.
Orc player: I roll a 20.
DM: The orc looks you up and down, and responds, "Well, thank you for the compliment, but you're not my type. Besides, I already have a boyfriend."