When Tarith says they will be leaving soon Dantie turns to him a bit taken aback. You may be leaving soon Tarith but I will not be leaving until I find a way to seal the gate once more. Though this power should not be kept from the world, it does need to be protected. Leaving it as is, is asking for the whole place to be destroyed and for whoever is trying to take our hostess to succeed. Do what you want, but I will not leave this place besides to bring back Angelis and check on my church until the seal is back up. Dantie says to Tarith, not caring who is around. Tarith could leave again if he wanted, but he would not let people be defenseless when they are the ones that made them so.

As Tarith replies to Jacob Dantie is even more confused. Tarith what are you two hiding, and why is Jacob seem so mad. What did you do Tarith spellbane! Dantie says looking down at the 17 year old boy. Dantie swore if he did not keep an eye on him at all times he would get into so much trouble a whole city guard would be after him. Look what he did in a matter of two years. Made his own gang called the Ravens to steal from the people of the city.