"Dantie, allow me to point a few things out to you. First, the seal was effectively impenetrable by the lich and his allies. Somehow, I doubt you can create such a seal, short of a miracle. Second, you would be giving the enemies time to prepare, and execute their plans, which is always a bad idea. Third, if I were the lich, I would be attacking soon, within a day or two of the seal's opening, and you are not going to be able to re-create the seal in that time frame. Fourth, sealing this all away is a bad idea. It means you are trying to control their lives without their permission. And fifth, they are hardly defenseless. They are all trained in combat, Jacob is likely a skilled archer, and the goddess should be able to handle magic as needed. As far as Jacob being mad, I did not do anything, yet. I am not entirely sure why he is angry."